About Us

Debt Squared Group is different. Firstly, we help you to avoid debt, but when this is unavoidable we optimise the collections in the shortest time possible.

Naturally, we operate in accordance with the law – as specified by the Ministry of Justice and the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). However, we also adhere to the base principal of recovering outstanding debts on behalf of our clients in an efficient and professional manner, and we pride ourselves on having a significantly different way of thinking about debt collection. Aside from our commitment to developing innovative solutions and processes for debt recovery that will benefit our clients by minimising the administration and maximising the recovery, we also strive to:

  • APPROACH EACH CASE INDIVIDUALLY – Tailor a prevention or recovery programme relevant to the debtor and situation
  • CONTINUOUS COMMUNICATION – Regular management reports throughout the process to give you insight and visibility of progress
  • ACT IMMEDIATELY - Every day counts so we act promptly on all instructions on behalf of our clients to commence the debt recovery process and maximise the opportunity for recovery
  • TRAIN AND DEVELOP OUR CLIENT SERVICE TEAM – Our team undergoes regular training, not just in debt recovery, but also in consideration of credit management
  • TRAIN AND DEVELOP OUR ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS - Annual training of all of our enforcement staff to ensure they are up to speed with the latest legislation detail and paperwork requirements
  • RESOLVE SITUATIONS EFFICIENTLY – Manage the recovery to find a solution that is workable for all parties – to maximise the recovery and resolve the situation
  • DELIVER REALISTIC COLLECTION SOLUTIONS – No matter the value or the age of the debt

Balanced and professional

We understand the need for fast and efficient action to recover the debt as quickly as possible, which is why any instruction is processed immediately to maximise the recovery. However, we also appreciate that the execution of instructions is a delicate matter often requiring sensitivity and discretion and always requiring adherence to regulation. Our Recovery Account Managers (RAMS) are an extension of your team and will provide regular updates across your cases.

Scalable and flexible

Debt Squared Group has an infrastructure capable of supporting businesses of all sizes. We work with some of the UK’s biggest commercial property management companies, but equally work with commercial Landlords managing upwards of a single property.

Our client list is extensive, covering businesses with portfolios of all sizes and so our debt prevention and recovery programmes are tailored to each individual clients’ needs and requirements, and our services are entirely scalable to cope with multiple instructions. Similarly, we adapt our approach to match the requirements of the client’s in-house teams.

Respected and recommended

We have an impressive track record providing innovative solutions for the recovery of current arrears as well as former tenant accounts. We understand the principles of best value and our approach is supportive, flexible and customer-focussed.

It’s because of this flexible and tailored approach that some of the biggest names in the industry work with us, and its because of our commitment to providing clear guidance for clients on the intricacies and working practices of CRAR, that we have been invited by leading commercial property institutions the British Property Federation (BPF), RICS, R3 and ACES to provide CRAR seminars and training workshops across the UK.