A new service to help collect unpaid Commercial Rent

CRAR Protective Warrants of Control by Debt Squared Group.

Assisting tenants impacted by COVID-19 with fixed CRAR charges.

What does it offer?

  • Fully compliant with current enforcement legislation.
  • Protective charge over the assets.
  • An agreed payment-plan that is administrated by Debt Squared Group.
  • No interest applied.
  • No negative credit impact on the tenant in using CRAR.
  • Dual CRAR-SCAR fixed fee service.

Service Charge Arrears Recoveries

Protective Warrants with fixed costs applied to SCAR dual accounts. On all dual CRAR-SCAR instructions, Debt Squared will only apply a fixed fee of £75.00 plus VAT.

How to instruct us:

You can down-load the new Protective Warrant of Control from the Debt Squared website or by contacting the team on 0800 002 9049.