Breaking These Rules Might Prevent You From Evicting Your Tenant

Landlords unfamiliar with current rules and regulations may get a nasty surprise if they try to evict a tenant only to discover that the tenant can prevent this from happening If they don’t receive a free government pamphlet.  

Under rules designed to tighten up the property letting industry landlord obligations to provide information to their tenants have increased considerably.   

The free government pamphlet in question is How To Rent and this must be given to tenants at the start of their tenancy. If at the point of trying to evict your tenant using a Section 21 notice you have not provided them with the pamphlet the notice won’t be valid and they would be within their rights to remain in the property as long as they haven’t broken any of the terms in the rental agreement. 

This can lead to costly legal battles if tenants decide to drag disputes on through the courts with the prospect that landlords lose rental income if a tenant fails to pay the rent.  

The pamphlet is available to download free online and this can be sent by email to the tenant at the start of their tenancy to ensure compliance.