Fly-Tipping is out of control in the UK

According to an article from Clearway Group lockdown has resulted in a massive increase in fly-tipping incidents across the country.

As lockdown forced many councils to close community household waste recycling centres, incidents of fly-tipping have seen a massive spike in numbers.

Fly-tipping has increased by 80 per cent in the wake of dump closures and an increase in DIY projects during the coronavirus lockdown. Just one example, in Wigan, Greater Manchester, a 51% increase in fly-tipping was recorded during the lockdown.

Figures from waste dumping reporting app ClearWaste show that overall fly-tipping is up 76 per cent across the UK, with some London boroughs facing a 100 per cent rise in the crime.

Catching fly-tippers red-handed is notoriously difficult since there are so many opportunities to dump unwanted waste right across the UK.

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