How Do You Evict a Commercial Tenant?

With retailers struggling against declining sales on the high street and other business battling against uncertainty over Brexit, pressure to meet rental payments will be more acute than ever. This can give landlords who are not receiving rent from their properties little option other than to try to evict commercial tenants. So how do you go about doing this lawfully?  

The first thing we advise is to contact an expert to deal with the process but if you still want to go it alone you will have the following options.    

Tenant stops paying rent 

If your tenant hasn’t been paying rent, you can display a notice of repossession on the door of the premises. You will not need to give notice of your intention to forfeit, however be sure to follow laws governing when you can and can’t forfeit a lease and don’t leave room for misunderstandings to emerge over continuation of the lease.   

Claim rightful possession 

If there is a clause in the lease you agreed with the tenant stating you can take back possession under forfeiture then the process is likely to be relatively trouble free. IF your agreement doesn’t have the clause then you could be in for a lengthy process.   

Breach of lease and not keeping the property in good condition  

Depending on which of the above terms the tenant is breaking you will need to serve certain notices. One being a 146 notice before you can take possession of the property.  

If you need help with tenant eviction contact us today.

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