Shoppers line streets as stores reopen

Are you a shop, large business or store owner and have recently opened your doors both the public and employees again? 

With lockdown finally being lifted on consumers stores such as top high street brands, queues began snaking around some of Britain’s best-known stores this morning as shoppers sought to take advantage of discounted stock that has built up during the lockdown.

Do you want to make your customers and staff feel more at ease during their shopping and work experience? 

Debt Squared Group are now offering a Mass Body Temperature Detection System. We know that detecting the virus as early as possible is vital and with more people now coming into contact our body temperature detection system can help put your mind at ease.

Our instant body temperature detection camera allows instant and accurate facial temperature monitoring of up to 30 people simultaneously and in a continuous flow. The readings are shown live on a monitor and fed dynamically to a Network Video Recorder which triggers an alert when a high body temperature is detected, allowing you to recognise which individual has the temperature.

Body Temperature Checking Key Features

Real-time face tracking

Fast temperature measurement, detects temperature in up to 30ms.

High-level of accuracy

Can measure temperature within a ±0.5 °C or ±0.3 °C range (depending on option chosen).

Multiple-person monitoring

The system can scan up to 30 people in high footfall areas continuously.

Bi-spectrum, dual channel, all-weather

The camera only need visible light to capture a human subject, allowing thermal imaging to be achieved in a range of conditions.

Long distance

Remote scanning from up to 7 metres away.

Only measures facial temperature

Fast temperature measurement, detects temperature in up to 30ms.

Environment Calibration

Adjust settings based on environmental conditions.

Versatile mounting

The unit can be wall-mounted or used via a tripod giving you flexibility on where the camera can be located.

Would you like to find out more?

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