What are the benefits of static CCTV towers?

Static CCTV towers offer a convenient and cost-effective way of providing temporary sites with round the clock surveillance to deter criminals.

Static CCTV towerscan either be used alone or alongside security guards to provide reliable surveillance of many different types of outdoor site.

Quick and convenient to set up and use, CCTV towers are a popular security solution for remote, outdoor and temporary sites. They are often used to provide affordable surveillance for events, car parks, constructions sites and sports fields.

Here are just a few reasons why so many businesses choose static CCTV towers to protect their employees and assets.

Crime deterrent – Standing at 6 metres tall, CCTV towers are clearly visible even from a far distance, making them an effective visual deterrent to criminals.

Cost-effective – Using a CCTV tower to monitor an area provides comprehensive, 24/7 surveillance at a cost-effective price. CCTV towers can be up to 75% cheaper than hiring a security guard.

Wireless for remote locations– CCTV towers are wireless and power independent, making them quick and easy to install and suitable for any location, no matter how remote.

Reliable 24/7 monitoring– Once your CCTV tower is set up it will provide reliable round the clock monitoring. Standing at 6 metres high, it is possible to easily monitor a large area on just one screen.

Availablewith solar panels– CCTV towers can be run on eco-friendly solar energy, reducing your costs and carbon footprint.

Quick to install– CCTV towers are lightweight, wireless and uncomplicated, meaning that they can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

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