Can CRAR work under COVID-19 and businesses not trading?

Can CRAR work under COVID-19 and businesses not trading?

During this time of unprecedented disruption, the UK Government is not asking all businesses to shut – indeed it is important for business to carry on. Only some non- essential shops and public venues have been asked to close.

We are meeting and speaking with business owners every day in the recovery of Commercial Rent (CRAR) and Service Charge Arrears Recovery (SCAR) exclusive to Debt Squared Group.

Start the process today against outstanding March Rents.

The Government have produced guidelines and a list of tailored advice for different scenarios as an example of how social distancing and other measures might be implemented by employers in England to help protect their workforce and customers from coronavirus while still continuing to trade.

A link to these guidelines can be found here.

Through these unprecedented times we are committed to supporting our clients and have created our hub to offer information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) as it becomes available to us.

We are here to help

Our team of experienced and qualified advisors are still in place to provide advice, support and provide recovery action where require.

At this very sensitive and worrying time for all we are keen to ensure that you have all the facts and support you need to make the very best decision for your business and your clients.

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