Debt Squared Group appointed to take-over the security of industrial park in the North West

The Client

We Are Mapp (Mapp) are the appointed managing agents for a 300,000 sq ft Business Industrial Park in the North West. The site operates a 24/7 gate security operation through an incumbent security contractor.

Debt Squared Group (DSG) have been successfully working with Mapp for over 15 years as their preferred Enforcement Agency.

The industrial park will be subject to development works, with TMT Group a specialist in construction company, working with Savills Chartered Surveyors on behalf of the landlord who are appointed for the architectural design and project management for the development works forecasted to run for 12 months+.

Case Study

The client contacted us to report that travellers had accessed the estate and requested the assistance of DSG eviction services.

We deployed two Enforcement Agents to the park within two hours. The Enforcement Agents served notice on the travellers and successfully evicted the subjects peacefully the same-day.

There was no reported damage and the client was provided with a full report and supporting photographs.

One week later the client re-contacted us to report that travellers had returned and there was a greater number of persons unlawfully on-site and verbally aggressive. DSG were in-attendance the same day and engaged with the travellers, serving notice and commencing with the eviction process.

The Debt Squared Group Enforcement Agents also deployed through its own affiliated partner scheme, two K9 Units to help support the presence on-site during the eviction process. Engagement with client was maintained throughout by the Recovery Team, coordinating and managing the eviction from the Set Squared Group office, providing regular updates and photographs.

The eviction was successfully resolved with the subjects leaving the estate, early evening. We maintained the presence of the K9 Units for 24 hours, conducting patrols across the estate throughout, reporting no further instances of threats of trespass.

The agent, Mapp requested a group call with Debt Squared, Savills and TMT Group at the request of the landlord, to discuss the sites exposure and potential risk points. The two evictions had raised concern by the landlord of the security measures in-place.

We proposed a risk assessment review of the site perimeter access points undertaken by DSG at no cost. The completed risk assessment report would set-out our findings and recommendations with a mobilisation and swap over programme for the placement of orders and on-going management.


Debt Squared Group were appointed at the request of the landlord to take-over the complete management security control of the industrial park.

Upon instruction, we implemented the following measures:-

  • 4x CCTV Towers with 24/7 Monitoring through our Control Room
  • 40x Concrete Bollards
  • Telescopic Barriers
  • 24/7 Man Guarding (Gatehouse & Patrols)

Since the commencement of the provision of these immediate services, there has been no trespass issues across the 300,000 industrial park.

We Are Mapp

We appointed Debt Squared Group to undertake the security requirements on a rolling appointment.

Debt Squared Group are instructed to coordinate the 24/7 security on-site. The instruction also incorporates CCTV Towers with monitoring and security bollards.

We are extremely happy with how Debt Squared Group took on the appointment from the incumbent contractor and have provided a consistent service throughout.

Kal Aziz | Regional Director We Are Mapp