As part of the Clearway Group, Debt Squared Group provides solutions for commercial, industrial, retail and residential sites. Typically, this may include pubs, restaurants, shops and shopping centres, business parks, vacant properties, car parks and construction sites.

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CCTV Solutions

CCTV surveillance solutions can provide essential video footage for property owners and landlords. Debt Squared can help with vital video evidence where security breaches occur and equally with burglaries, squatters, theft and all forms of anti-social behaviour.

CCTV Solutions

Technology has now reached great heights, we specify, install and monitor closed circuit tv (CCTV) devices to suit your premises and deter crime.

Employing camera systems on your premises is beneficial for the following reasons: CCTV cameras detect, prevent and deter crime and disorder such as anti-social behaviour, vandalism, harassment, fly-tipping, burglary and robbery. They assist in the identification, apprehension and prosecution of offenders. CCTV is proven to reduce fear of crime and offer reassurance to the public and businesses alike, making the area safer for those who live, work, visit and trade in it.

Our CCTV solutions include: