Through an approved partner network, Debt Squared Group provides solutions for commercial, industrial, retail and residential sites. Typically, this may include pubs, restaurants, shops and shopping centres, business parks, vacant properties, car parks and construction sites.

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CCTV Static Tower

Where remote temporary CCTV monitoring is required for an external location such as a yard, construction site, car park, playing field etc., our CCTV Tower provides the ideal solution.

CCTV Static Tower

The CCTV Tower is mounted on a trailer that can be easily transported (towed behind a vehicle) and is quick to erect on-site. Engineered to remain outside in all conditions, the CCTV Tower’s rugged steel construction and weather-proof fittings and mountings make it ideal for construction sites.

Whilst the CCTV Tower can be mains powered, it is deployed with full independent operation capability as standard and is designed to be left unmanned for long periods of time. High-capacity, rechargeable, sealed batteries and in-built solar panels will keep the unit fully functioning 24/7 with, or without power for an indefinite period.

Additional features include audio-challenge (remote speaker) and weatherproof telephone handset for site-to-base conversations, plus constant connection to the mobile network for remote interrogation and video file upload/cloud storage for ultimate security.