Welcome to clearVIEWbi, an exclusive service by Debt Squared Group.

clearVIEWbi consolidates and manages in real-time corporate tenants, analysing and creating better visibility into corporate distress and the potential of rent default. A powerful and intuitive system interface clearVIEWbi has been created for UK commercial landlords/managing agents to deliver a comprehensive suite of commercial data, credit ratings and analytics.

Why choose clearVIEWbi?

It would seem logical that you would want to know relevant tenant information, when it happens to de-risk potential future default of rent being paid.

clearVIEWbi is a 24/7 real-time monitoring and reporting on every corporate registered business in the UK.

  • Tailor Made: Developed specifically for Businesses to view Businesses.
  • Up-to-date: Mitigating Risk with current data information.
  • Live Information: Real-time Credit Risk Rating for tenants.
  • Notifications: Bespoke alert - negative impact only.

What are the immediate benefits?

  • Improved Credit Control targeting
  • Avoiding new deals with high risk tenants
  • Covenant strength analysis for Asset Managers
  • Can provide a positive impact on valuations
Company Credit Risk Reports

Would you like a credit risk report for a business?

Our Company Business Risk Reports are produced IMMEDIATELY – we’ve invested in data so you don’t have to.

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