Client Accountability

Client Management

Client Reporting

Software and services designed to track the performance of our collection teams, and to provide detailed reports to clients on continuous collection performance.

As standard, users can create their own report packs to support any specific client or product objectives, as well as schedule and diarise production runs to coincide with periodic client reviews and key operational processes.

Recovery Account Management & Administrators

Whether you require our services periodically or when dealing with multiple bad-debt accounts, each client is appointed with a Recovery Account Manager (RAM). The RAM’s sole responsibility is to provide guidance and regular updates both verbally and by formal reporting through the collection process.

You are always in control! Our RAM is responsible for the service levels you receive and, depending on your needs and preferences, will manage the collections and investigation teams to ensure we are delivering a consistency of the service.

Remittance of Monies

Remittance made easy! Our integrated banking platform has modernised the interaction between us and our clients. We remit client monies instantly, allowing us to deliver the right product, at the right time.

At Debt Squared Group we constantly evolve the way we conduct business to better interact with our clients, but also to ensure that we can optimise the value of each relationship, across all points of contact.

We treat each client as an individual and not just another online transaction.

Taking Control of Goods: National Standards

These standards are intended for use by all enforcement agents, public and private, the enforcement agencies that employ them and the major creditors who use their services.

National Standards: