As part of the Clearway Group, Debt Squared Group provides solutions for commercial, industrial, retail and residential sites. Typically, this may include pubs, restaurants, shops and shopping centres, business parks, vacant properties, car parks and construction sites.

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Concrete Barriers

Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCBs) are used to provide demarcation and a physical barrier to unauthorised entry.

Concrete Barriers

Where an immovable physical barrier is required that will prevent vehicle access, our on-hire concrete barriers, built to BS EN 1317 standard, provide the perfect temporary or permanent solution.

Concrete barriers are available in multiple shapes and sizes and are highly effective...

  • At preventing access for fly-tippers
  • At preventing access for squatters and other illegal occupation
  • Against ram-raiders and terrorist attacks
  • For creating a safe working area for a workforce
  • In providing flood defences
  • In protecting pedestrians from traffic
  • As a secure base for fencing at public events
  • At preventing unauthorised access to forecourts, car parks, fields and site compounds
  • As counterweights, kentledge for scaffolding, fencing, cranes, etc.