Debt Squared CPD Surgeries, coming 2021...

Debt Squared Group offer RICS endorsed CPD training.

Specialist CPD programmes for commercial landlords, managing agents and business owners operating in the UK markets.

CPD (RICS endorsed CPD training)

Through Intelligent Working Partnerships Debt Squared Group have created joint venture collaborations with industry specific experts who can support and complement our business services. These advisory services bring clarity and depth of information, allowing a balanced and practical strategy to be undertaken on behalf of our clients on any debt ledgers.

Our specialist CPD surgeries will include:

  • Government updated COVID legislation on Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) – the latest updates and what the latest restrictions tell us.
  • smartPROP – creating the simplest way to manage void properties. From property void to re-occupation.
  • Travellers & Squatters – what the law states and the options available to you.
  • Former tenant recoveries – debt ledger purchase.

Our CPD Surgery is a virtual registration facility and will enable you to access our dedicated e-library to access our pre-recorded CPDs. This feature will provide a range of topical CPD’s available when required and at no cost.

It’s as easy as:

  • Register
  • Watch
  • Receive your CPD Certificate
CPD (RICS endorsed CPD training)

To book a FREE WORKSHOP for your company, email us using the link below

Our CPD surgery and events are run by experienced professionals sharing their expertise, knowledge and practical advice.