CRAR Protective Warrants of Control

A special facility for commercial tenants that have reported financial hardship and are seeking time to pay.

A CRAR Protective Warrant of Control provides an alternative to traditional CRAR enforcement, and has particular relevance during this uncertain time created by the COVID-19 outbreak during which temporary legislation has been introduced that stays landlords’ ability to activate enforcement procedures until rent has been due for at least 90 days or more.

This new service enables you to maintain a level of control over any bad debt cases whilst adhering to the latest legislation, whilst at the time providing a supportive approach to tenants suffering negative cash flow impacts as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

Why choose a Protective Warrant of Control from Debt Squared Group?

  • A Protective Warrant is for a tenant that has requested time to pay due to a cash-flow shortage.
  • Terms of a Protective Warrant: A Protective Warrant is a Controlled Goods Agreement issued by Debt Squared Group. The company determines that a Protective Warrant is a set payment arrangement that has been agreed between the instructing client and tenant and administrated either by Debt Squared Group or the instructing client. A Protective Warrant is a payment arrangement that is more than 28 days in term or otherwise agreed at the discretion of Debt Squared Group at all times.
  • Provides an effective method of formally agreeing payment plans with tenants that genuinely, given the circumstances, need additional time to pay.
  • The payment plans are administered by Debt Squared Group, removing any additional administrative burdens form our clients.
  • No interest is applied and it has no negative credit impact on the tenant.
  • It ensures a deferred enforcement action in line with latest legislation.
  • Provides a relatively low touch protective security measure that gives landlords the comfort of title over assets.
  • A LOW COST way of protecting the interests you and your tenants.
  • Dual CRAR-SCAR fixed fee service.
CRAR Protective Warrants of Control

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