Data Analytical Profiling

We consolidate and manage in real-time corporate tenants, analysing and creating better visibility into corporate distress and the potential of payment default.

Created for UK commercial landlords/managing agents to deliver a comprehensive suite of commercial data, credit ratings and analytics.

Immediate benefits to clients

  • Improved Credit Control targeting
  • Mitigating Risk with current data information
  • Covenant strength analysis for Asset Managers
  • Can provide a positive impact on valuations

With Us it’s Real-Time Alerts

Unlike some competitors, and even Companies House, we are monitoring in real-time, meaning that you have the information as soon as it is registered.

  1. Focusing on aggregating the most up‐to‐date business information
  2. Multiple data sources, aggregated daily
  3. Financial health information of every business in the UK
  4. 114 data points to arrive at a Health Rating for every business

Health Rating Scoring & Credit Limits

The Credit Score measures the “likelihood of insolvency in the next 12 months.

Data Analytical Profiling

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