Debt Collection for Businesses

Is your Company owed money for services or products that you have provided?

Cash flow can be defined simply; it’s when debt payments outweigh the money coming in.

A firm is insolvent when it becomes unable to meet its financial liabilities and, though this is not necessarily the same as having cash flow problems, there is usually a close connection between the two.

Business cash flow problems open the door for a number of other issues which can lead to formal insolvency proceedings unless you seek help from professional insolvency specialists at the earliest opportunity. To avoid the risk of insolvency directors need to be in control of their billing process and payment terms so that cash owed is collected within agreed terms. Once a company begins experiencing cash flow problems the biggest worry for directors is being faced with a default enforcement action or a winding up petition by creditors which means your company may potentially be a matter of days from liquidation.

We can help any company with the recovery of outstanding invoices and bad-debts that are up to 6 years old.

We undertake pre-legal strategies on a No Collection – No Fee Service and subject to terms between you and the defaulter, we can also seek to recover our fees from them as part of the recovery action.

What We Do...

  • Company Credit Risk Reports
  • Director Searches
  • Bad-Debt Mediation Collections (monies owed up to 6 years old)
  • UK Trace Investigations
  • Pre-legal Debt Recovery
  • Enforcement Proceedings – CCJs, Warrants, Writs of Control & Possession Orders
Debt Collection for Businesses

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