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Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery – CRAR

The Tribunal, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 creates a statutory right for the LANDLORD of a LEASE of COMMERCIAL PREMISES to utilise the enforcement procedure set out in the Act to recover RENT arrears.

Our experienced Recovery Account Managers provide industry-leading advice to landlords and property agents across the UK.

No cost exposure – All statutory costs recovered from the tenant.

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Service Charge Arrears Recovery – SCAR

SCAR is available exclusively from Debt Squared Group and has been developed to recover outstanding Service Charge & Insurance.

No Recovery – No Fee GUARANTEED

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Business Pre-legal Debt Recovery

We can help any UK company with the recovery of outstanding invoices and bad-debts that are up to 6 years old.

We undertake pre-legal strategies on a No Collection – No Fee Service and subject to terms between you and the defaulter, we can also seek to recover our fees from them as part of the recovery action.

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clearVIEWbi – The ‘no-brainer', win:win solution to address commercial rent arrears scenarios

clearVIEWbi is Debt Squared’s latest innovative service designed to bring landlords and tenants together to form a mutually acceptable, agreed business plan arrangement to trade through the difficulties thrown up by the pandemic and provides the best possible win:win situation given a particular set of circumstances when a rent arrears problem exists.

It enables the creation of solutions that mitigate risk for a landlord by using a multi-disciplinary team including legal advisers and accountants to assess the financial viability of current and potential tenants to protect the landlords position. At the same time it ensures that where a tenant is genuinely in distress this is clearly flagged to the landlord who can then rest assured that their tenant is not using the pandemic as a convenient excuse to hold back from paying rent.

Click here to find out more about the process and what is included in our clearVIEWbi service.

Complete Debt Recovery & Enforcement Services

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All our Enforcement Agents are Certificated by the County Court and are securely registered on the government Certificated Bailiff Register. This register holds details of all enforcement agents (previously called bailiffs) who hold a certificate, granted by a judge at the County Court, which allows them carry out enforcement action by way of taking control of goods.