End of Tenancy Services

Contrary to some peoples' belief a Commercial lease (i.e. one used for business purposes) does not automatically come to an end simply because the original term of the lease has expired. Instead it continues as of right, with the Tenant being described as ‘holding over’.

It is fundamental that when a commercial lease is coming to an end, certain steps are to ensure the property is not exposed to unlawful occupation and is secure and protected at all times.

Our End of Tenancy Service from smartPROP manages every stage of the process, commencing with contacting your tenant to coordinate the property hand-back.

smartPROP End of Tenancy Services will also include:

  1. All outer locks will be changed like-for-like
  2. Torts Notice & Inventory (at client request)
  3. Meter Readings
  4. Dealing with the Utility Company
  5. Property Risk Assessment Report
  6. Debt Squared Notice
  7. Key Holding & Alarm Response Services

Leases inside the Act

Where a lease is granted inside the Act, the Act provides for it to automatically renew at the end of the lease term. The tenant is said to have “security of tenure”. The lease can only be brought to an end by either the landlord or the tenant serving the correct form of notice at the correct times.

Leases outside the Act

Where the Act has been specifically excluded so there is no security of tenure i.e. no right to remain in the lease at the end of the term, the tenant’s position is vulnerable if any continuing occupation has not been regularised before the end of the term.

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End of Tenancy Services

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