End of Tenancy Services

Through our revolutionary smartPROP programme we have quite literally re-written the playbook when it comes to handling forfeiture and End of Tenancy arrangements. A simple bailiff and locksmith attendance is a thing of the past. Our fully encompassing service now offers the very latest in technological and digital solutions making a fundamental step change in both efficiency and cost reduction that is quite simply unique in the market.

Utilising a network of leading edge specialists this forward thinking package of services places full control and administration through one centrally outsourced point, totally stream-lining what has historically been a time-consuming and costly process.

Welcome to the 21st century.

smartPROP End of Tenancy Services include:

  1. Digital Locking Technology – Keyless door access control or traditional lock change
  2. Torts Notice & Inventory (at client request)
  3. clearview360 - 360 Virtual Videos with
    • 270MP HDR Market leading virtual tours
    • 98%+ Accuracy floor plans
    • Professionally edited 96MP HDR photography
  4. Meter Readings
  5. Draindown Services - Deal with Utility Company
  6. Property Risk Assessment Report
  7. Property Notice
  8. Weekly Void Inspections
Instruct Us
Download End of Tenancy / Forfeiture Instruction Form (294.05 KB)

or login to clientVIEW and case load your instruction, directly into our management system.

Keyless Door Access Control

We are working exclusively with SimonsVoss Technologies in the UK to provide keyless door access solutions at the leading edge of the technology curve to the commercial property market sector.

Our mission is to eliminate the worry, time and costs associated with managing buildings and facilities. Enter the world of keyless door locking.

  • No more key holding services
  • No need for key-boxes
  • No lost keys
  • Access to properties through a registered Smart Card

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clearVIEW360 - 360 Virtual Videos

Property Risk Inspections of the future delivered today by clearVIEW 360

clearVIEW360 enable effortless digital space capture for virtual tours, floor plan and wide angle photography with a simple push of the mighty button saving up to 90% on your traditional costs.

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Property Security Products

Our End of Tenancy services are supported by our property security.

Vacant land and property is vulnerable to a variety of threats including fly-tipping, squatters, theft of valuable metals, drug users and general vandalism.

From concrete bollards, to CCTV, steel doors and alarm systems we have you covered.

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End of Tenancy Services

Looking for a company to take control of your End of Tenancy Services?

Our experienced team provide industry-leading advice to landlords, property agents across the UK.

64,000 Security visits completed
17,000 Property inspections
A complete end-to-end solution

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