Our partnership arrangement with Carbonxgen, one of the UK’s leading, independent energy and technical solutions providers, places in us in a strong position to provide yet another compelling addition to our smartPROP offering, ensuring the efficient management of your utility needs.

Full Utilities Management Services

Vacant Property Utility Management

As part of our overall void property management service we are in position to manage the utility setup of your property portfolio.

It starts with ensuring that meter readings are taken and effectively recorded as soon as incumbent occupiers leave a property, through ongoing monitoring and management through the period of void, through to re-establishment of an optimally efficient utility set up at the point of re-occupation.

From ensuring you have the best solution in place in terms of cost and sustainability to ongoing monitoring of billing and efficiency you can be assured that this burdensome, yet critical part of your FM responsibilities is effectively taken care of.


Each key area taken care of:


With a strong level of technical expertise in energy management and experience in optimising plant performance, we are ideally positioned to deliver independent advice and savings at every stage of the building life cycle.


We are able to collate and manage multiple data streams on your behalf, to ensure optimum performance in terms of cost, efficiency and sustainability, together with discovering and capturing the benefits of identified from the synergies that can be derived the capture and analysis of timely and accurate data.


Now, more than ever, in an era of rapidly rising energy costs energy efficiency should be on the agenda of all businesses. Combined with the need to prepare for a net zero future whilst mitigating the risks of security of supply there has never been a greater need to pay serious attention to this area of your business operations. We deliver solutions. That drive and maintain efficiencies to enable reduced operating costs, increased profit and lower emissions / environmental impact.

Green Energy

We actively encourage the use of green over brown energy, and all of Carbonxgen’s client secured electricity contracts are from 100% REGO-backed renewable sources. The full service includes procurement, billing validation and tenant recharging.



We can manage the entire metering process from design to installation, commissioning and verification. We will recommend the best solution for you that ensures improved energy management and tighter controls on spending.


With access to a vastly experienced compliance team, fully conversant with all latest regulatory requirements. With access to close links into relevant government bodies we are ideally placed to create an energy action plan for you that will effectively fall in line with the government’s active moves to encourage businesses to reduce emissions in line with its global, legal commitments.


As businesses continue to strive to reduce the impacts of their carbon footprints and find themselves challenged ever more so by key stakeholders including investors, shareholders, employees and clients as well as community interest groups, we can support you through a number of reporting and benchmarking schemes such as GRESB, the Carbon Disclosure Project and Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting.


Whether simply looking to efficiently manage the utilities situation in any vacant premises or looking to establish a robust, low cost and efficient green energy strategy, get in touch now for an initial, no obligation discussion.