Evicting Squatters from my Property peaceably

What to do if squatters take over your commercial property

In many instances, property owners often have no idea whether dealing with unwanted occupiers (squatters) is a civil or criminal matter and ultimately have no idea what to do when faced with the issue of squatters in their vacant property.

How can I keep squatters out of my property?

Security is key. If you have adequate security on your vacant premises squatters can not force their way into your property, this could result in them being arrested for causing criminal damage.

If you are going to be away from the commercial property for a number of weeks you should consider hiring security guards from Clearway Debt Squared who can man you property for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Another option to protecting your vacant property is signing the commercial property over to one of our Debt Squared property guardians who will look after empty commercial premises on behalf of owners.

What should I do if I discover squatters in my commercial property?

If possible, you should try to make contact with the squatters and try to access what their intentions are. Are they willing to come to an agreement or is it likely they intent to follow a more aggressive course? If it is the latter, instruct Clearway Debt Squared today.

Depending on how quickly you want your commercial property back, in most cases Clearway Debt Squared will instruct the court and a hearing to consider the application will be as soon as reasonably practicable but no less than 3 days after the date of issue.

What rights do Commercial Landlords have?

What rights do I have if they won't leave? Can I force them out?

You cannot use force to evict squatters.

For vacant properties or commercial premises, squatters' rights apply so you can't use force to evict them. In such situations it is a civil matter and you will need to obtain a court order to remove the squatters. This can be done through Clearway Debt Squared. Simply click here to get in touch with one of our experienced recovery account managers today.

Why choose Clearway Debt Squared?

Clearway Debt Squared use the procedure of Interim Possession Order (IPO). This includes:

  • The procedure for obtaining an IPO involves an initial hearing in which the court will make the IPO. Debt Squared regularly engage with reputable solicitors in relation to these applications.
  • Once served the squatters will have 24 hours to leave the property, and if they fail to do so, they are then committing a criminal offence and may be arrested by the police.
  • If the Court grants the IPO, the Court will set a date for the final hearing which will be listed not less than 7 days from the date of the hearing.
  • The IPO will need to be served within 48 hours after it is sealed together with the Claim Form and evidence in support, in accordance with the methods as previously set-out.

Advantages of an IPO

  • Faster than other options, especially in areas with high volumes of commercial squatting (i.e. bigger cities, London.
  • Once obtained it is enforceable by police.

Do you need help to evict persons occupying your property?

Clearway Debt Squared engages regularly with reputable solicitors in relation to IPO applications who have specific expertise in this field – not just in obtaining straightforward writs of possession, but also making applications to abridge time (in time critical matters of the utmost seriousness), writs of restitution and prohibitory injunctions to prevent access (in the case of planned protests etc).

Evicting Squatters from my Property peaceably

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