Eviction of Persons occupying Commercial Land

Do you need help evicting travellers from your land?

Having trespassers occupying a client’s premises or land can be very stressful and costly, especially in consideration of making good the damage caused by the trespassers.

Operating under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, provides clients the immediate service for site and land evictions under Common Law.

Debt Squared Group can solve the challenges presented by helping landlords to invoke their common law rights to the Tort of Trespass in order to return the land or property back to the rightful owner. Our fast and efficient traveller eviction service helps enforce your common law right to evict gypsies, squatters, new age travellers or any other group who may be setting up encampments on your land without your permission across all postcodes within England & Wales.

Almost every day, Debt Squared Group are instructed to evict trespassers using Common Law remedies, 98% of these instructions resulting in success within 48 hours and without the need for a Court Order and our initial attendance being achieved with hours of being instructed.

Eviction of Persons occupying Commercial Land

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