Eviction of Persons occupying a Property

Do you need help to evict persons occupying your property?

Debt Squared Group engages regularly with reputable solicitors in relation to IPO applications who have specific expertise in this field – not just in obtaining straightforward writs of possession, but also making applications to abridge time (in time critical matters of the utmost seriousness), writs of restitution and prohibitory injunctions to prevent access (in the case of planned protests etc).

Possession orders summary of process

  • The Court will list a hearing to consider the application as soon as reasonably practicable but no less than 3 days after the date of issue.
  • The Notice of the interim hearing will need to be served within 24 hours of the application being issued, our Enforcement Agent will be required to serve the;
    1. Claim Form
    2. Application Notice
    3. A prescribed form for the Defendant’s witness statement

It is critical to ensure that the claim is brought to defendants’ attention in a clearly visible location and that the IPO is served personally by our Enforcement Agent.

Section 10 of the Criminal Law Act (1977) makes it an offence to obstruct an Enforcement Agent executing a High Court Writ.

  1. If the Court grants the IPO, the Court will set a date for the final hearing which will be listed not less than 7 days from the date of the hearing;
  2. The IPO will need to be served within 48 hours after it is sealed together with the Claim Form and evidence in support, in accordance with the methods as previously set-out.
Eviction of Persons occupying a Property

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