Eviction of Travellers occupying Commercial Land 

Clearway Debt Squared can help with traveller eviction and site security including, Security Guards, Bollards, Fencing, Concrete Barriers and Supervised Controlled Access. We are experts in trespasser and traveller removals.

Clearway Debt Squared specialise in traveller evictions, removing them from private and commercial land. We also offer outstanding security services to ensure travellers do not return to your private/commercial land and to protect it in future.

We are one of the UK’s leading Security Guard services because of our wide understanding of the security sector and as well as continued trust with our commercial clients.

Do you need help evicting travellers from your commercial land?

We are able to help you with removing travellers from your property, commercial/private land. Almost every day, Clearway Debt Squared are instructed to evict trespassers using common law remedies, 98% of these result in success within 48 hours and without a need for a Court Order.

Under Common law the ‘tort of trespass against property’ allows landowners to evict travellers from your land, seek damages for the trespass and enables you to prevent further trespass, although it does not provide automatic sanctions if the trespassers return in the future.

What is Common Law?

Landowners can remove trespassers and travellers using Common Law. It states that if trespassers or travellers peaceably enter private/commercial land, the landowner may request them to leave. After this, the trespassers must be requested that they leave the land. If they do not leave, the landowner has the right to use no more than reasonable force in order to make the travellers or trespassers leave their commercial land.

Before this is carried out, we would always advise that you engage with a certified enforcement officer (Bailiffs). This is to ensure that the landowner is not liable for any injury caused, or be vulnerable to any attack from a trespasser. Our enforcement officers also know and understand the laws around this issue in details as well as the psychology in the removal of problem trespassers/travellers. Enforcement Officers can be arranged by Debt Squared Group, instruct us today by clicking here.

Clearway Debt Squared recovery managers have a wealth of experience of both assisting in Common Law evictions and also using a writ of possessions, from travellers to squatters and trespassers. Contact us today - 0800 002 9049.

Eviction of Travellers occupying Commercial Land

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