Property TV

Debt Squared is a regular contributor to Sky TV’s Property Channel, providing regular insight and commentary on all things property as one of its leading panel experts. We are proud to be able to add help, support and knowledge to the channel’s regular, loyal viewers. With over 30 years’ industry experience Debt Squared director Byron Crellin is well known for his thought provoking opinions, delivered with clarity and an in depth knowledge of the commercial property market.

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Space +

This industry leading networking organisation is at the forefront of thought leadership in the UK property market. Offering a highly creative environment in which property leaders can thrive we have found it to be an excellent catalyst for the development of new initiatives and developing lasting relationships with related businesses sharing common goals.


London First

London’s pre-eminent position in the global property market makes it a key market place for Debt Squared, and we are committed to support its continued drive to thrive at the forefront of the UK’s economy and as a critical part of its commercial property infrastructure. From informal meetings to contributing to formal sessions with London’s key decision makers we actively engage in helping to ensure that this great city maintains its position at the head table of the great capitals of the world.

London First

We love to collaborate

We are always on the lookout to collaborate with new, progressive like-minded businesses with whom we share common interests. If you feel there may be some mileage in connecting please feel free to contact Byron Crellin directly and he’d be delighted to explore mutually beneficial opportunities. He can be contacted at or on 07825 087247.