Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport to start trial of temperature screening technology

A report by Sky News has suggested that Heathrow Airport is looking to quickly bring in new measures to give people confidence to fly again once the UK lockdown restrictions are eased.

Heathrow is to try out temperature screening technology to monitor people moving through the airport for signs of coronavirus. The thermal screening technology is the first to be trialled and will start in the next two weeks in the immigration halls of terminal 2.

It will scan people as they move through the terminal and monitor their temperature - a fever is one of the commons symptoms of the virus.

If the trial goes well, the equipment will be rolled out to other areas such as departures and connections.

With the easing of restrictions imminent, Debt Squared Group are now offering an accurate, fast and reliable Mass Body Temperature Detective System.

This system can accurately detect facial temperatures of up to 40 people at once with an accuracy of ±0.3oC, using advanced facial recognition for a more accurate measurement and avoiding false readings such as when a person is carrying a hot drink.

It is ideal for use at entrances to events, transport hubs and buildings with a high concentration of human traffic and will reduce the need for single file detection.

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