Welcome to the world of the keyless door access control

Our mission is to eliminate the worry, time and costs associated with managing buildings and facilities. Enter the world of keyless door locking.

Mechanical locking systems are no longer fit for purpose when it comes to managing access across multiple buildings and for multiple groups of people, with multiple entry permissions. Keeping track of keyholders and logging information manually is labour intensive, costly and is potentially open to a breach of security.

Keyless door entry means improved security, control and efficiency.


The digital all-inclusive solution that can do a lot more

One locking system for all security needs. From the barrier to doors, gates, lifts and turnstiles to cabinets and drawers, the 3060 locking system integrates all “locking devices” in one all-inclusive digital solution.

There is nothing that System 3060 cannot do, but there are some things that make System 3060 really stand out.

A Digital solution for all sizes of business

Our full range offering covers locking cylinders, smart handles, padlocks, smart relay controls, transponder or fob access. Whatever your building size or control need we have every angle covered, efficiently and cost effectively.


One single digital key for multiple doors – Transponder or Smart Card

A single digital key will offer access to a variety of different locks. Whether commercial or domestic, from entrance rooms and receptions, meetings rooms, and plant rooms, to lifts, garage doors, cupboards, roll-up doors, cabinets and more – keyless door entry can make day-to-day access simpler, and much more secure.

Total security even if digital keys are lost

Electronic keys can be disabled at any time and authorisation can be altered or revoked, very conveniently by smartPROP. smartPROP removes valuable time and energy spent locating lost or missing keys or sourcing a logbook to trace individuals who may be in possession. It also reduces potential spend when it comes to replacing keys or mechanical locking systems.


Keyless Product Advantages

The AX Digital Cylinder

The AX Digital Cylinder

  • Can be integrated into existing system.
  • Extremely fast, uncomplicated installation. No wiring or drilling.
  • All reader variants, whether active, passive or hybrid, are possible and are supported with Bluetooth Low Energy technology.
  • Protected against the intrusion from dust and water.
  • Very long battery life: up to 12 years on stand-by.
The Digital Smart Handle AX

The Digital Smart Handle AX

  • Battery life: Up to 300,000 lock operations or up to 10 years on standby.
  • Smart Handle AX can be adapted to the spindle, door thickness and centres distance.
  • The SmartHandle AX has proven durability capacity for 1 million cycles.
Digital Padlocks

Digital Padlocks

  • Operable with transponder and Smart Card.
  • Different shackle diameters.
  • Suitable for outdoor use.
  • A securing chain protects against theft and falling of the padlock.
  • Can be networked without cables.
The Locker Lock

The Locker Lock

  • Quick-click assembly: our Quick-Click system makes installation easy and avoids additional fixing holes.
  • Anti-tamper contact on the cover.
  • Durable: up to 50,000 openings without changing the battery.
  • Emergency power supply via USB: if the batteries should actually be flat, SmartLocker can simply be powered and opened via a USB port as a back-up power supply.
The Digital Smart Relay

The Digital Smart Relay

  • Can be used to control opening and closing of car park barriers.
  • Operable with transponder and Smart Cards.
  • Can be used for the transmission of data in virtual networks.
  • Can be networked without cables.
The Digital Smart Relay

QR Code / Smartphone Locks

This solution, which consists of scanning a QR code with a smartphone to unlock a door, eliminates the need for badges and their readers. The system is based on the Smartintego range from SimonsVoss, in particular the SmartHandle AX kickstand, and its powerful encrypted communication protocols that integrate seamlessly into existing control and security systems.


Easy Retro-fit solution

When applying such leading edge technology a common concern is cost. However, the Simons Voss cylinder solution can be easily retro-fitted with no damage to existing infrastructure:

  • The compact cylinders can be used practically anywhere
  • No need to alter the door, No need to use a locksmith
  • They can also be used in multi-point locks

Full remote control

Clearway Debt Squared’s smartPROP program can take immediate action if situations change. An entry mechanism can be deactivated immediately if it is reported as missing. Such changes are instant with the ability to open or block doors centrally in the event of an emergency.


The new, smart way to manage void properties

smartPROP is changing how we manage void properties:

  • No more key holding services
  • No need for key-boxes
  • No lost keys
  • Access to properties through a registered Smart Card, issued from smartPROP

But, of course, you don’t need to wait until a property becomes void in order to deploy this leading technology, and we are experienced ever increasing demand for the deployment of our keyless entry solutions in fully operational environments where the conventional key is becoming a thing of the past!


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