Leasehold Property Eviction of Tenant

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As a Commercial Property Landlord there may be several reasons for wanting to take back possession of your premises. Clearway Debt Squared can advise Landlords on their options for claiming back possession of their commercial property.

Most Common reasons for Eviction

There are several reasons why a commercial landlord may want to take pack control and possession of their premises. The most common being:

  • The tenant is in a breach of their contract terms.
  • Not paying rent as per their lease terms.
  • Not keeping the premises in good condition.
  • Subletting the premises without the landlords consent.

Clearway Debt Squared have the following advise for commercial property landlords.

Claiming Possession of your Commercial Property

Taking back possession and control of your commercial property when it is still occupied by the tenant is called forfeiture.

You can only forfeit the lease of there is a specific clause in the lease/contract (as noted above) that enables you to do so. It is advisable that for all commercial agreements and leases that you should obtain this type of clause. If you do not, this will limit your power as a commercial landlord significantly and leave you severely restricted with your rights.

Your right to forfeit can be exercised in one of two ways:

  • Applying to court for possession - This is usually the preferred route and Clearway Debt Squared can help you with any court proceedings should you wish to go down this route.
  • Peaceable Re-entry - This involved the locks being changed on the premises. Debt Squared offer a range of services for Forfeiture of Lease.

Failure to pay rent

For non-payment of rent you are not required to give any notice to your commercial tenants of you intention to forfeit. You can simply send in one of our Debt Squared enforcement agents who can deal with the whole process for you, this includes changing the locks, torts notice and property report including pictures.

Why choose Clearway Debt Squared?

Clearway Debt Squared has created a streamlined system and process to improve the work-flow and communication with its clients in respect of CRAR. The features of the system include:

  • Clients can submit singular or multiple instructions.
  • Immediate and automated uploading of instructions into case management system – no manual data input.
  • Secure data submission process.
  • System will self-generate 7-day Enforcement Notice, resulting in immediate action, commencing the legal process of CRAR.

Clearway Debt Squared specialise in Commercial Property Eviction - if you are experiencing difficulties with your current commercial tenants, discuss how Clearway Debt Squared can assist you.

Leasehold Property Eviction of Tenant

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