What are Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards?

The MEES legislation that initially came into force in April 2018 initially banned landlords from granting a fresh tenancy to new or existing tenants unless the building has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in place showing that the building has an energy efficiency rating of E or better. With effect from April 2023 the legislation will extended to cover all leases, including properties where a lease is already in place.

It also now seems likely following a round of consultations that the government will introduce regulations to implement a target of an EPC B rating by 2030 with interim milestones to get to this ultimate level.

What are the implications for landlords of commercial buildings?

Quite simply, if a building fails to meet the minimum EPC standards within the proscribed timescales, unless an exemption can be obtained, it cannot be let out, with all of the negative financial impacts that will occur as a result.

How can smartPROP help?

  1. The Survey
    First priority is to establish the current rating of your building. In order to do this we will arrange a full EPC survey of your premises.
  2. The Report
    We will analyse the data generated for the survey, to produce a full MEES report which will involve is consulting with you to establish what type of energy saving measures are practical in your situation. From this work we will then calculate what the EPC rating for your building would be if you carried out a variety of different sets of measures, focusing on establishing the most cost effective and least disruptive ways to get your building to at least an E rating.
    We will provide you with a detailed MEES report that will present you with several different scenarios, each representing a different approach to getting your property up to an E rating or better on your post installation EPC.
  3. The Solution
    Based on your agreed requirements we will then be able to establish a relevant and fully costed programme of works and deploy our contracts team to undertake the work in order to ensure that your building reaches and maintains the required standards.

The Survey

In order to provide a quote for a Commercial EPC, we would require the following property information:

  • Full property address including postcode
  • Current or most previous use e.g. retail, office, warehouse
  • How many floors it's over
  • Size in m2/sqft (GIA)
  • If it's a new build, recent conversion, change of use or existing build
  • Any floor plans or fire safety plans to assist with the quote

Instruct with Confidence

All of our appointed assessors have the relevant qualifications and insurances to be carrying out your survey, from our Asbestos Surveyors to our Sound Testing Engineers.

The team we engage are fully qualified, accredited and insured assessors. The team have surveyed just about every type of building you can imagine, and worked in every part of the UK.

Get a Quote Now

Processing Timescales

Once engaged we commit to providing you with a full report within 10 working days. During this period we will:

  • Arrange the appointment.
  • Visit site.
  • Process the EPC report.
  • Invoice the work.

If required more urgently it may be possible to shorten the lead time to 5 working days, subject to discussion and agreement.

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