Mobile CCTV

The Mobile CCTV Unit can be mains powered or is fully self-sufficient and provides multiple fixed day/night cameras plus a high-spec pan/tilt/zoom camera fixed to a rapid-rise 6m mast with full remote-operation.

The mobile CCTV unit can be deployed and rapidly set-up to monitor vulnerable situations such as outdoor events or vacant property sites with or without a power supply. The vehicle’s striking design is highly visible and is extremely effective as a visual deterrent in its own right, so is ideal at outdoor events with large crowds and the risk of anti-social behaviour.

The mast-mounted dome camera has rapid-action, 360 degree viewing angle and a high-power optical zoom lens.

CCTV footage from all vehicle-mounted cameras is stored locally to an on-board digital video recorder but also sent to cloud storage for safety. Video is also streamed in real-time and can be viewed remotely at a fixed location or via a mobile App. The mast-mounted PTZ camera is also fully controllable remotely and from within the mobile App.

Mobile CCTV

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