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New measures include temperature checks as part of lockdown easing plans

Sky News have reported that the government is considering a range of measures aimed at preventing a second wave of Coronavirus infections after lockdown eases, including temperature checks.

This week the Prime Minister is due to reveal how the COVID-19 lockdown will be eased, allowing people going back into work and children returning to school. People could be asked to check their temperature at home before they travel on public transport or come into close contact with people.

With the easing of restrictions imminent, Debt Squared Group are now offering an accurate, fast and reliable Mass Body Temperature Detective System.

The inView Concept Pro Body Temperature Detection System can accurately detect facial temperatures of up to 40 people at once with an accuracy of ±0.3oC, this is ideal for monitoring body temperatures at entrances to events, shopping centres, transport hubs and buildings.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Real-time face tracking
  • High-level of accuracy
  • Multiple-person monitoring
  • Bi-spectrum, dual channel, all-weather
  • Fast Temperature Measurement
  • Only measures facial temperature
  • Environment Calibration

For more information about the Debt Squared Mass Body Temperature Detective System click here, alternatively call 07825 087 247 or email byron@debtsquared.com

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