Keyless Door Access Control

Clearway Debt Squared and SimonsVoss Technologies are working together with Clearway Debt Squared being the only UK exclusive reseller partner to SimonsVoss Technologies in the following markets sectors:

  • Enforcement Industry
  • Commercial Property Management Agency Industry
  • Commercial Landlords / Property Funds

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Vacant Property Security Doors

Attempted break-ins through doors are commonplace and a standard door, even with multiple locks fitted, is no match for a determined intruder or group of squatters hell-bent on taking possession of the property.

The solution is a temporary steel door that can be installed quickly, causing no damage to the existing frame, and is designed specifically to provide permanent resistance to high-impact assault and/or repeated attempts at intrusion, but there’s a problem.

Our primary product is the Keyless Toreadoor. The Toreadoor offers unique security features and was the first of its kind to be accredited to the LPS1175 standard, receiving UK Police & Insurance approval. key-operated version is also available.

Temporary Alarms

In vacant premises where there is potentially no mains power or live telephone access it is important to be able to rely on an internal alarm system that is effectively self contained and set sufficient. Clearway Debt Squared's temporary alarm solutions are specifically designed for use in such conditions. Battery powered, stand-alone and wire free our systems use the mobile network for communication ensuring that any illegal incursions are identified in real-time ensuring swift security response times when needed. These streamlined systems can be fitted, commissioned and verified within 20 minutes offering the ultimate in convenience and the absolute minimum in security down-time.

A range of wrens sensors can be deployed throughout a building dependent on your needs and set to detect movement, gas, water, fire, smoked broken glass.

It is also to provide both internal and external video security with cameras that instantly transmit ant movement occurring in the proximity of a bustling or upon incursion that facilitates rapid response from a remote monitoring point as required.

Verified Video Alarm

The Video Verified system is a wireless, self-powered intruder alarm system with integrated video verification.

Our Video Verified Alarms are detect movement and allows the operator to verify the cause of the activation and provide the appropriate response in accordance with a predefined protocol – this can reduce the number callouts by the response team.

The Video Verified system has many applications in commercial, industrial, retail and residential situations and is ideal for temporary sites, void or vacant properties, constructions sites, boat yards, car parks and other general outdoor applications.

Concrete Barrier Blocks

Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCBs) are used to provide demarcation and a physical barrier to unauthorised entry.

Concrete barriers are quick to install and are available in multiple shapes and sizes making them the ideal security solution for unauthorised access for many areas such as forecourts, car parks, fields and site compounds.

They are the ideal solution to prevent ram-raids or terrorist attacks and even offer a great deterrent to trespassers by providing a secure barrier to vehicular access.

This relatively low cost solution has literally been deployed across thousands of projects resulting in massive cost savings through effective property protection.


Property Inspections

Our property and Risk Management Inspectors provide a regular and highly-detailed inspection service for any vacant property type.

Property inspections include general building information plus full internal and external details of utilities, security installations (existing), risks and threats, rubbish build-ups, graffiti and vandalism.

Property Inspections can be carried-out once every week, month or as required.

Temporary CCTV Solutions

We have a range of temporary CCTV solutions to fit any requirement.

We offer CCTV towers which run on either mains or solar power and provide a highly visible deterrent with wild field of vision and multiple sensors designed to rotate in line with any identified movement on the ground. In addition they are equipped with illumination, infrared/night vision and voice challenge technology with timed arm and disarm functionality and communication via the mobile network as a standard feature. Totally weatherproof they can be left unattended for long periods and are set up within 20 minutes of arrival on site.

This solution is ideal for large open spaces, construction sites, agricultural locations, car parks, outdoor events and sports grounds.

Mobile CCTV units, are, as the name suggests, totally mobile as well as being totally self-sufficient. On arrival to site this camera type can be instantly deployed and features a rapid rise 6 metro telescopic camera mast with multiple fixed day/night cameras plus a high specification pan/tilt/zoom camera mounted on the mast. Video recording is stored on an onboard recorder as well as being sent to the cloud for remote viewing in real time and additional storage for added security. The onboard camera can also be controlled remotely removing the need for constant manning locally.

A fixed CCTV can also be utilised and tailored to exact client requirements.

CCTV Towers

CCTV towers are ideal when remote, temporary CCTV monitoring is required for an external location. The 6 metre telescopic tower is perfect for use on Construction sites, outdoor events, car parks, playing fields or any other outdoor area.

Our CCTV towers are operational within 20 minutes and due to their high-capacity, rechargeable, sealed batteries and built-in solar panels are created to remain outside and unattended for long periods of time in all conditions.

4D Monitoring

Smart technology for sustainable buildings

4D Monitoring is an affordable, retrofit building monitoring solution that provides property management stakeholders with intuitive asset performance data and actionable insights, supporting quick, informed decision-making that delivers quantifiable efficiencies on the ground.

With 4D Monitoring, stakeholders can deliver energy savings, inform maintenance strategies, improve asset lifecycles, demonstrate compliance and much more – making it easier than ever before to turn any building into a smart, sustainable one.

4D Monitoring does not integrate with the Building Management System (BMS). Instead, it uses sensors to take performance insights directly from asset source rather than relying on BMS data. This means it is easier and less intrusive to install than market alternatives, and therefore more affordable to rollout across multiple sites. The system also facilitates a move away from reactive maintenance to a more proactive, data-led approach. With 4D Monitoring’s critical alarms and exception reports, site teams and service providers will know immediately if there is a problem. In this way, issues can be resolved before occupiers become aware.

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Void Property Management & Security

Looking for security and management for your property?

  • We operate our own experienced Void Team, visiting sites across England, Wales & Scotland
  • NSI Gold Control Room
  • Emergency Property Repairs
  • Property Maintenance
  • Out-of-Hours Help Desk
  • Alarm Response
  • Access Request Visit coordination
64,000 Security visits completed
17,000 Property inspections
A complete end-to-end solution