Recover Outstanding CCJ's

We are one of the UK’s leading Certificated Enforcement Agencies specialising in Commercial Rent Collection (CRAR) but also dealing with the enforcement of County Court Judgments, working closely with a High Court Enforcement Agent in dealing with the FREE transfer-up and enforcement proceedings.

County Court Judgment

  • High Court Enforcement Officers were created by virtue of Section 99 of the Courts Act 2003 Schedule 7
  • Transfer of Judgments from County Court to High Court takes 4-21 days
  • Judgments of £600 and over have a statutory transfer-up fee of £66.00, which we cover
  • Experienced team able to respond immediately to the enforcement of Writs across England & Wales


  • The abortive fee under existing legislation is £75 plus vat. Please note that this is applicable to all HCEOs.
  • We will have to give the defendant seven clear days written notice before our first attendance at their property. At this stage, under the new legislation, a £75 plus vat compliance fee will become payable by the defendant and will be added to the judgment debt. If a payment arrangement is subsequently entered into with the defendant, please note that the compliance fee will be automatically deducted from any instalment received
Recover Outstanding CCJ's

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