Through an approved partner network, Debt Squared Group provides solutions for commercial, industrial, retail and residential sites. Typically, this may include pubs, restaurants, shops and shopping centres, business parks, vacant properties, car parks and construction sites.

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Security Guards

Vacant land and property is vulnerable to a variety of threats including fly-tipping, squatters, theft of valuable metals, drug users and general vandalism.

Security Guards

There are many ways to protect vacant land and property using both physical protection (concrete barriers, steel doors and steel screens) and technology solutions (alarms and CCTV). However, the real challenge is in providing protection against unwanted intruders whilst allowing the smooth flow of legitimate personnel.

Employed to protect, observe and report, our officers provide British Standard security at all times.

We provide various types of security personnel for sectors including:

  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Gatehouse
  • Reception
  • Warehouse
  • Commercial Premises
  • Distribution

Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved contractor for security guarding, we operate to the highest standards at all times. They wear distinctive uniforms and identification badges and will provide regular roaming inspections, control centre calls and a permanent, logged record of all activity. Mobile supervisors also make regular visits to provide backup and support.

Dog-handling security guards are also available for additional security and visual deterrent.