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(SCAR) Service Charge Arrears

SCAR is available exclusively from Debt Squared Group and has been developed to recover outstanding Service Charge & Insurance.

Service Charge Arrears

SCAR is a pre-legal debt recovery solution, available exclusively via Debt Squared Group to landlords and managing agents. SCAR is used to recover debts that are accrued but are excluded under CRAR given that only amounts in consideration of Pure Rent arrears are recoverable via the CRAR remedy.

Through our extensive knowledge of the debt recovery process, we have developed a work-flow to pursue the recovery of Rent (Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery – CRAR) and Service Charges and Insurance (SCAR).

SCAR from Debt Squared Group presents clients with an immediate collection option without incurring legal costs.

The benefits of either combined dual CRAR/SCAR or single SCAR instructions, administrated by our Recovery Account Managers;

  • Instruct us to collect CRAR & SCAR as a dual process
  • We offer a range of pre-legal collection strategies for clients
  • No Recovery – No Abortive or Close-Out Charges

Changes in government legislation over recent years have created a demanding and complex environment for collecting Service Charge Arrears.

Downloads / Forms
SCAR Pre-legal Form