Sharps / Drugs Clearance

Debt Squared Group’s specialist services include a licensed sharps collection and disposal service delivered through the approved partner network.

Typically sharps waste is found in controlled environments such as hospitals, clinical environments, laboratories and training centres which, if handled correctly, really poses a low threat to public health or safety. However, a great risk to health is from sharps found in public areas. This is usually drug-related paraphernalia, e.g. needles, glass pipes, metal/foil, tubes etc., irresponsibly left by drug users.

Our approved partner sharps removal service can be used in conjunction with our bio-hazard/extreme clean service to decontaminate the area and make it safe for use again. The service can be used in emergency, at short notice or as part of a scheduled collection.

Since 1991 our professional partners have provided a specialist sharps and bio-hazard removal, working as the official Metropolitan Police Crime Scene and Trauma clean-up partner since 2009.

We also work closely with property managers, housing associations and Local Authorities.

Sharps / Drugs Clearance

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