Clearway Debt Squared: The 5 Key Sustainability Issues

Sustainability is more in focus than ever before as we think of the impacts everyday living has on the environment.

Over the past 18 months, our environments have changed in light of our enforced change in living patterns brought about by the impact of COVID 19.

Clearway Debt Squared is committed to a long-term focus on the following 5 Key Sustainability Issues. Overall this is a Global initiative aimed at embedding sustainability into the business and will take the exit from the Pandemic as a springboard for the future.

The matters that Debt Squared will impact positively on are:


Ultimately, we are all responsible for trying not to deplete our supply of natural resources.

From eating less meat, driving shorter or more infrequent journeys and managing our waste there are many ways we can live more sustainably.

As a business we appreciate that we cannot be all things to all men and that any sustainability program is better if it gathers momentum with purpose rather than tries to cover every base from outset.

With this in mind Clearway Debt Squared will tackle the 5 key sustainability issues individually in ‘SPRINTS’ that will each take 2 years to embed into the business. Once each issue is embedded Debt Squared Group will then add to the effort with the next key issue.


For the period July 1st 2021 through June 30th 2023 Debt Squared Group will concentrate on Biodiversity as the first of 5 elements (SPRINTS) in its sustainability efforts. After each 2 year ‘SPRINT’ another focus will be added into the momentum.

You may view our sustainability policy here

Tree Appeal

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SPRINT 1 Clearway Debt Squared and Biodiversity; Clearway Debt Squared; A Tree Appeal Corporate Partner

Plants, bees, spiders, fish, indeed all creatures great and small are all crucial to a healthy ecosystem, which is boosted by each species on our planet.

The World will enjoy healthier crops if there is a larger number of plant species which provides an obvious reason to protect biodiversity.

At Clearway Debt Squared, we have engaged in a targeted approach to our biodiversity efforts by investing regularly as a Tree Appeal corporate partner.

We have committed to planting 200 new trees in the UK & 200 new trees in Africa each year. By ‘tree twinning’ through the International Tree Foundation we match every tree planted in the UK with one planted in Africa.

Our UK contributions plant trees for schools and colleges creating woodland habitats and providing excellent learning resources and in Africa our investment promotes conservation and improves livelihoods in communities of need.

If you have any questions in respect of our Sustainability efforts please email us.