Trace Intelligence

Our investigations team locate absconding debtors using the latest information and databases available, combined with our skilled in-house collections team and field agents, we are able to offer a complete, unrivalled product solution.

No matter whether the debts at stake are residential or commercial, we offer a range of investigation and collection products, with no upfront payment required.

Trace & Credit Check Investigations

We provide expert investigation services and insight to help you manage your business effectively.

We provide a range of trace solutions on individuals, limited companies and sole traders. Using our fully tiered tracing products from a standard tenant address verification investigation to integrated trace and status reports. The resulting report combines Bankruptcy/IVA information, Land Registry details, CCJ Information and historic movement indicators. The format of this report has been designed to meet the needs of busy clients providing them with a cost effective, single point of reference to enable them to make informed recovery decisions from the outset and ensure that the most collectable cases are targeted appropriately when placed with Debt Squared Group.

UK & International trace Investigations

Our overseas trace investigations team success is due to our developed extremely professional, amicable relationship with other agents in numerous cities across Europe.

Trace & Collect Services

We also operate a tailored trace and collect service for clients, who wish for their absconding debtors to be located and debts recovered. Our in-house Collections Team bring together the combined skills of highly trained debt collectors with intelligence gathering systems that are designed specifically to address the problems of persistent evaders (hard-core seasoned debtors), second placement accounts or where the conventional enforcement approach has failed.

Trace Intelligence

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