Traveller Removal

Traveller Removal isn’t necessarily only a seasonal issue. For many different reasons and needs the travelling community move around the country with the following typical locations proving to be ideal for them to stop and set up on a temporary basis.

  • Public and private sports fields.
  • Privately owned land with access.
  • Public parks and open spaces.
  • Private and public car parks.

Traveller Removal can be effected by eviction from the land.

Traveller Removal by Common Law Eviction

A common law eviction is the more straight forward solution when considering traveller removal.

A common law eviction doesn’t need a court order. By using a certified Enforcement Agent to issue and serve an eviction notice, the removal of travellers may be effected in a little time as 24 hours.

Traveller Removal by Eviction under a writ of possession

Where traveller removal may not be quite so straight forward then a writ of possession could well be the best approach.

Traveller removal by this method does involve the Police who are required to support the eviction.

Obtaining a writ of possession is a simple matter. Having obtained a judgment in the county court, you may transfer this up to the High Court for enforcement in order to obtain the writ of possession.

Traveller Removal where Animals and livestock are involved

It is important for landowners to ensure any enforcement takes into account the removal of animals or livestock. This includes establishing somewhere for them to go.

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Traveller Removal

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