Vacant Property & Site Security

We understand that peace of mind comes with knowing that your vacant commercial properties & sites are safe, secure and insurance compliant.

Clearway Debt Squared leading vacant property & site security services offer a complete end-to-end solution to meet your individual needs during the current lockdown.

To ensure we provide a cost-effective and reliable service, we always inspect all property’s individual risks, this ensures we remain proactive and flexible as risks fluctuate.

Security Window Screens

Clearway Debt Squared offer steel security screens and doors.

Our highly rated vacant property security solutions are the most trusted and cost-effective way to protect your properties and maintain compliant with insurers.

  • Remove the headache of vacant buildings
  • Decrease the risk
  • Reduce loss of significant rental income and increased the threat of squatters, vandals, arson, graffiti and fly-tipping
  • Eliminate concerns for neighbouring occupants
  • Window screens are part of the security solution we provide for vacant buildings
Vacant Property Security