Video Verified Alarms

The Video Verified system is a wireless, self-powered intruder alarm system with integrated video verification.

Each remote sensor is self-powered and contains a PIR movement detector and video camera. Upon activation of the sensor a short video clip is recorded and immediately sent to the base station and on to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via the internet or mobile network.

Once the video is received by the ARC it allows the operator to verify the cause of the activation and provide the appropriate response in accordance with a predefined protocol – this can reduce the number callouts by the response team. Video sensors are entirely self-contained with a battery life of up to 4 years. Cameras provide colour images in daylight/bright light or black and white images in low/limited light via the in-built infrared lighting.

The Video Verified system has many applications in commercial, industrial, retail and residential situations and is ideal for temporary sites, void or vacant properties, constructions sites, boat yards, car parks and other general outdoor applications.

Video Verified Alarms

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