Void and Vacant Property Checklist

Void and Vacant Property Checklist

A Growing Protection Need

With the current COVID-19 crisis increasing its grip and the inevitable and the consequences for normal daily life and the economy we continue to see a growing number of business closures and movement to remote working.

In turn this is resulting in an increasing number of temporarily vacant or void properties.

Though home working and social distancing policies will inevitably help us all through the crisis, unfortunately we cannot just close the doors on our business premises and forget them for the time being and then guarantee that everything will be fine whilst they remain unoccupied.

Essential Premises Lock and Unlock Services

Vacating your business premises and ensuring its ongoing protection a safety isn't a straight forward task, and there may be forgotten insurance implications that lie in wait should you not implement them required measures.

At Debt Squared, part of the Clearway Group of companies we provide a menu of services which we advise you to consider in terms of exiting and protecting your vacant business property.

This includes:

  • On site risk assessments
  • Key holding
  • A locksmith service to change locks where required
  • Steel screen protection for all potential points of access
  • Keyless door entry system
  • Implementation and/or checking of smoke sensors
  • Drain downs of any systems expecting to be unused for an extended period of time
  • Supervised, controlled access when required
  • The acquisition and posting of torts notices
  • The provisions of temporary alarms where required
  • Temporary CCTV monitoring as required
  • Vacant property inspections during the period of vacancy
  • Sealing of letterboxes
  • Meter readings
  • Man Guarding
  • Canine Guarding

Some or all of these steps will be required to provide peace of mind, effective protection and potentially meet the needs of your insurance policy. Our expert team of security experts is on standby to provide advice and support as required.

We are here to help

Our team of experienced and qualified advisors are still in place to provide advice, support and provide recovery action where require.

At this very sensitive and worrying time for all we are keen to ensure that you have all the facts and support you need to make the very best decision for your business and your clients.

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