Avoiding the void – with Debt Squared Groups void property management services.

Void property management benefits:

  • Gain Entry/Lock-changes
  • Making safe water, gas and electric supplies
  • Emergency boarding/steel doors and sheets
  • Property inspections and surveys
  • Full safety checks
  • Cleaning and bulk rubbish removal
  • Photographic inventory and condition reporting

Use our smartPROP services today for all your void property requirements

What is smartPROP?

SmartPROP is an extremely fast quoting program designed for the property management industry‭, ‬which has been created to rapidly‭ ‬DECREASE the time you spend dealing with void properties‭.


Void Property Management

What is void property management?

A void in housing or commercial terms is a property that is untenanted for a period of time. So, in an ideal world, a void property would not exist. Because of this, most housing or commercial property providers have policies and procedures in place for void property management. These are to ensure that loss of rental income, security and repair costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

Properties can be empty and therefore become void, for a handful of reasons. Abandonment of a property, tenants or because someone is waiting to move in, are just a few examples. Many of these may have also been affected by the current Coronavirus pandemic.