Void Property Management Services

When your tenant is scheduled to vacate a commercial property, our Void Property Management Services provide a complete end-to-end solution.

Void Property Management Services

Our service starts before the lease or licence has formally terminated, with a member of our team meeting the tenant at the demise, to discuss the property hand-over and will complete a Property Inspection Report. This is followed up on exit day by onsite attendance to oversee the physical exit and handover of keys. We can then offer a range of ongoing security services and measures to keep any vacant premises safe and secure for as long as required with tailored packages to meet your specific needs.

Void Property Management Services

We know Property Repossessions and temporary Security Guarding better than anyone with the numbers to back up our words:

  • 64,000 Security visits completed
  • 17,000 Property inspections

Our simple three stage process is designed to make the handing over and ongoing management and maintenance of any void properties streamlined, reliable, professional and highly cost effective, thus removing a major logistical and administrative burden from our clients.

Stage One

A member of the team will meet with the tenant on a pre-arranged appoint date.

A full site inspection and report will be completed and submitted to you for file.


The team will work smartly and efficiently to coordinate the property hand-back.


Stage Two

On exit day, the team will be back in attendance to meet with the tenant and take back possession, formally terminating the landlord-tenant contractual term.


A controlled managed process in taking control of commercial properties.


Stage Three

With over 17,000 void property inspections completed, we have the infrastructure to provide any client with internal and external inspection services across the whole of England & Wales.


Security services across single and multiple void property locations. These services incorporate:

  • Full security risk analysis
  • CCTV deployment.
  • Central monitoring 24/7
  • Steel window and door protection.
  • Keyless entry systems
  • Provision of protective bollards.
  • Manned guarding on site.
  • Security patrols.
  • K9 units