Smart Rating System

Using one of our carefully selected specialist partner we are able to help landlords and managing agents to understand, improve, benchmark and promote the digital connectivity in their buildings, enabling them to make their attractiveness to tenants who are increasingly looking to work in buildings that have the digital infrastructure in place to meet the e=demands of modern business.

We effectively:

  1. Future-proof assets by enabling you to identify and review building enhancements and show you how to mitigate technical obsolescence.
  2. Drive rental value by improving your building asset’s quality through enhanced connectivity enabling you to command a rental premium.
  3. Attract and retain tenants by raising your building technology standards and enabling you to differentiate you offering in the competitive landscape.

What do we measure?


Are potential outages mitigated through resllient infrastrcuture? Is the critical telecommunications equipment secure?

Tenant experience

Does the building provide tenants with a seamless digital connectivity experience?


Is the tenant experience in the building enhanced by access to uninterrupted mobile coverage?

Future readiness

Is there flexibility and capacity to adapt to new and advancing technologies?


Receive Official Certification through WiredScore


Understand the digital infrastructure and connectivity capability of the buildings and developments from WiredScore's audit and review.


Receive guidance from the operations team on how to improve the asset.


Align and benchmark the building with one of WiredScore's globally recognised ratings.


Communicate the building's connectivity and WiredScore certification level to the market.


Ensure your building portfolio delivers on the four key propositions:

  1. Deliver an inspirational user experience.
  2. Optimise to deliver cost efficiencies.
  3. Create a sustainable environment.
  4. Deliver future-proofing.
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